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Designed in the UK, produced in the UK, and proud of it!


Rather than putting off cleaning your drive train until your gears sound awful and everything is covered in gunk; why not try a new method. After every ride, slip the Brake Shield on your bike between the spokes and cassette; spray, clean, oil, remove.

In doing this you not only remove the risk of contaminating disk brakes and braking surfaces with oil, but lengthen the time between needing to take your wheel off and doing a really detailed, big clean. Resulting in smoother gear shifting with every ride, and your expensive components lasting longer.

Bike Gears


The Brake Shield is an innovative new product and the only one of its kind. Its simple yet effective design protects your disk brakes and wheel rims while you clean and lubricate your drive train. The nature of the product allows you to make easy work of this, usually, quite tricky task.


Many people just ignore this part of their bike; they put up with a mucky cassette and chain, either cleaning them periodically, maybe monthly,  or just replacing them when they become unworkable. Now, 'little and often' cleans are made possible with the Brake Shield. The Brake Shield's innovative tray catches all the cleaner, dirt and oil, meaning that now you can do this dirty job anywhere without making a mess.


What do you use to protect your brakes when oiling your drive train? Plastic bag, rag, cardboard, cling film?

The Brake Shield is a simple design yet permanent solution for keeping oil off your disc brakes and braking surfaces when lubricating, it makes the job easier.

What do you use to protect your floor, paving, grass when cleaning dirty oil off your drive train? Plastic bag, rag, cardboard, or maybe you let the oil run into a grassy area (destroying the grass over time)?

The Brake Shield has a handy tray that catches all the dirty oil and cleaner, it protects flooring, paving, carpet, and the health of your grass!

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"Top kit, easy to use, and a lot less faff than that old way of draping a rag over your rotor".

- Rich via Facebook

"Didn't quite see the need for it at first, but now I won't bother oiling my chain without it in place"

- Steve, Huddersfield biker

"It's mint! Best use is on a night time when you get in, soaking wet; put the Brake Shield on and get a bit of oil on my cassette and chain"

- King of the Hill

"Received this morning, really quick delivery and nicely packed. Don't normally do this but just wanted to say what a simple but brilliant product, takes seconds to attach and I can the just blast all the crud from the cassette, mech and jockey wheels in one easy go, without any going onto the patio or shed floor or all over my brake disc, hub or spokes. I've only had it four hours and have used it twice. Just superb. Thks again"

- Chris - Halfords customer

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