Does the Brake Shield fit on all bikes?
They fit 99% of bikes. Some axles are slightly larger and you may need to trim the inside edge of the Brake Shield, using the cog graphics as a guide. Contact us if you need more guidance.
Will cracks appear in the folds of the Brake Shield, allowing water to drip through?
No, the method with which the creases are put into the Brake Shield is called high pressure forming. With this method there is no loss of material, therefore creating a strong, durable and reliable fold.
It looks like a babies bib, why didn't you call it the Brake Bib?
Brake Bib was on the list of possible names for the Brake Shield, but Michelin owns the copyright on the word 'bib', believe it or not. Brake Defender was also an early name, but Landrover put a stop to that idea!
You have to clean the Brake Shield anyway so what the point?
True, but when doing a quick clean, it's much easier to clean the Brake Shield than it is to clean your drive train, rims, floor etc, without using one. Empty tray; wipe out the tray and over the Shield with a soapy rag. Clean every time to keep it looking good and for easier handling.
Why does Brake Shield spins as i rotate the pedal?
Ensure that the large rear hang hook, at the top of the Shield, is wrapped around a spoke. This will prevent any movement. Also, ensure that you are back peddling the cassette, rotating anti-clockwise.
What's the best way to store my Brake Shield?
Hang it up using the hooks, and maybe keep your brushes in the tray. Or lay it flat when the tray is empty. Rolling the Brake Shield will result in having to wait for it to flatten of it's own accord, and may take a while.

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